A bad week for United? A dreadful week? A stinking week? All of the above.

Two weeks ago I wrote that United was disconnected from their customers and the community. Completely out of touch and operating in a bubble. This week the shocking footage from "#bumpgate" made it loud and clear something is broken inside the US carrier. United has to change and now they'll be forced to do it under the spotlight instead of on their own terms.

Click here to read my thoughts over at RGN on what went wrong for United and what needs to happen now: https://runwaygirlnetwork.com/2017/04/11/op-ed-united-should-use-pr-disasters-as-catalysts-for-change/

When I wrote that article last night United's share price had barely moved. I was concerned United wouldn't take notice. That changed as I slept. $255m was wiped

I'm relieved because it sends a message to companies that customer service can hurt the bank. Customer sentiment still has power, especially when it goes viral.  

United's CEO has since made some positive steps and issued an apology that takes responsibility for what happened (unlike his first attempt). He says 'it's never too late to do the right thing'. 

Below I've included a wrap up of coverage that hopefully provides some lessons for avoiding and managing problems like this in your own organisation. 

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Web round up

United's response & how this incident reveals a sad reality ew all need to face as consumers - Shawn Coomer at Miles to Memories

'The reality is that a company’s true culture is always reflected in how it treats its customers.'

United offers a primer in how not to handle a crisis - Hinda Mitchell at PRDaily

A review is Munoz’s statement, along with what constitutes a good apology in a crisis.

I'm Sorry: My initial reaction to the United situation was wrong - Ben Schlappig at One Mile at a Time

'Reflecting on the United situation, and why my response was wrong at first.'

United Airlines is not alone - Helaine Olen The New York Times

'Too many companies — not to mention the government — are treating all but the very wealthiest with contempt.'

It may be time for United to 're-accommodate' CEO Oscar Munoz - Mark Macias at CNBC

'United Airlines and CEO Oscar Munoz made some huge mistakes in their attempt at damage control after a passenger was involuntarily dragged off of a flight, says strategist Mark Macias.'

You know things are bad when...

There used to be saying: 'You know things are bad when you find a 60 Minutes van parked outside your house'. Now it's when you find the internet and your competitors are making memes about you.

United Airlines, your unfriendly skies need these new slogans - CNET

Twitter kindly offers up a batch of new mottos for the beleaguered airline. Now serving punch!

Twitter users hit United Airlines with memes - Houston Chronicle

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