Wow, it feels like a long time since I sent out the last issue of this newsletter. I’ve been busy working on how we can improve digital channel reporting (web, WiFi & social) for airports. 

I’m guilty of producing reports in the past that didn’t shine a light where they should have. Why? Great reports take time to do well and none of us have time, not every week or month, to dig deep into the data and make useful observations or suggestions. 

It’s a vicious cycle because bad reports get ignored. They are nearly always written for the wrong audience (us instead of them) and any value they might offer to the rest of business is usually hidden. 

With the exception of some of the most innovative airport IT and digital departments, I’ve found most digital reporting ends up just being a historical record. What do you think? Email me and let me know your experience. 

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Facebook starts opening Messenger automatically on company pages (and stops)

A month or two ago I noticed an airport client’s inbox on Facebook quadruple overnight. Facebook had started opening the Messenger popup automatically on the airport’s FB page and prompted to users to message the airport. As a result people visiting their page didn’t hesitate to ask whatever was on their mind. It was a surprising boost and a useful one as they were able to easily spot the most common questions people had (mainly parking, people have never ending questions about parking). It probably saved a bunch of phone calls. 

I did a little digging and found the feature hasn’t been rolled out globally to all Facebook company pages, although I did see it increase over the span of about a month and then change depending on whether a page admin had FB open. Today Facebook confirmed to me it’s something they are testing. Somewhere during that time FB has stopped prompting people to send a message. It makes sense that Facebook want there uses to interact with companies in everyday on their network.

Whatever happens Facebook gives you options under Settings/Messaging to turn off prompts plus a range of ‘response assistance’ settings such as automatic replies to people who message. 

Web round up

Missed connections: What airlines don't understand about their passengers

"Customer-experience management is supposed to be advanced in the travel industry, but the data says otherwise."

Chris Roe from Accor on putting customers before analytics

"It’s not just about getting people to convert, it’s getting the consumer what they want. The mistakes people are making is they start with the analytics. They have versions A and B and they are testing but what if the customer wants version C?"

The airport store of the future

"Is the existing commercial operating model in fact constraining innovation?"

Jetstar’s bets on digital, data 4 years ago paying off

"Our business now has a different look and feel. We are a big online retailing business with software engineers, analysts, data scientists..."

The business of loyalty: The millennial problem

"Knowing that most Millennials aren’t interested in saving up for grand scale rewards or top-tier status, programs are now looking more towards smaller-scale rewards and experiential redemptions in which younger, points-poor travelers can participate."

What to expect from the travel tech industry in 2017: Results from the PCW - EAN research

Survey says Pax consider punctuality more important than connectivity

Maybe it's stating the obvious?

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