If there's one time of the year that lends itself to aviation marketing and lots of goodwill, it's Christmas time. 2016 has been no exception.

On the ground:

In the air:

My pick for 2016? Heathrow. It's beautifully made and the proof is in the pudding: 4.7 million views on Youtube and international media coverage. 

Enjoy the rest of this issue. Have a safe Christmas and New Years. I'll see you in 2017. 

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Schiphol's new website

One of the world's busiest airports, Amsterdam Schiphol, has a new website. It's clean, informative and on brand. It's also a fine example of a website that is designed to guide and help customers find what they are looking for... to an extent. 

For example, the website guides visitors efficiently through the process of finding information about a flight, providing you know and understand the way in which it wants to help you. "Enter the flight number, destination or airline". That's straight forward and useful for travellers, but I think some customers will find it frustrating, especially those meeting passengers. I tried to find a full list of arrivals or departure information for today and came up empty. I've seen countless people only know a limited piece of information about a flight ("I know they are landing at 8:30PM but that's all I know") and it's these types of scenarios where a full list of flights beats a restrictive search. 

Overall, it's a top effort.

Web round up

Millennial travellers: Mobile shopping and booking behaviour

Research from Google that shows that millennials are leading the way in mobile shopping and buying behaviour.

The most popular hotels and destinations on Instagram in 2016

What travel hashtags, destinations and hotels were most used on Instagram in 2016.

Joyce tells shares his side of the story on airline customer service

Alan Joyce has a different view on airline customer service than many of his Australian customers and the consumer groups which represent them (as one might expect).

13 Reasons to get serious about mobile travel for 2017

Industry insiders weighs in on what's next for mobile and travel. As I pointed out in the stats I showed in issue 1, too many airports still don't get how important this is.

‘Beacons are dead,’ says CEO of a retail analytics firm

I agree and they have been dead for some time. At least from a consumer standpoint in retail and in airports. 

Connected entertainment (from APEX 2016)

"...if airlines want to deliver on passenger expectations, we must take a closer look at how consumers are already engaging with digital content services on the ground."

The disappearing icon of airport design

Qantas is incorporating the “Solari board” into its premium airport lounges as fine art.

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